Data Protection Insurance

What is data protection/GDPR insurance?

Under GDPR Regulations, should you have a data breach then having data protection insurance will be a huge help and could also mitigate some of the fines. This policy assists in responding to the breach by quickly investigating the problem, its extent, and who has been impacted. It can communicate with the Data Protection Commissioner’s Office on your behalf as required, as well as with data subjects and other interested parties, providing public relations support and incident response procedures in line with the requirements of the regulations.

Data Protection Insurance

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Data Protection Insurance

Data protection insurance is an important consideration for businesses of all sizes and industries. As businesses increasingly rely on technology and collect and store sensitive data, the risks associated with data breaches and other cyber attacks are increasing. Data protection insurance can provide financial protection and support in the event of a data breach or other cyber incident.

One of the key benefits of data protection insurance is that it can provide financial protection against the costs associated with a data breach. These costs can include legal fees, regulatory fines, credit monitoring services for affected customers, and other expenses. Data protection insurance can help your business to cover these costs, allowing you to focus on responding to the incident and minimising the impact on your customers and your business.

In addition to providing financial protection, data protection insurance can also provide support and guidance in the event of a data breach. Many policies include access to experienced professionals who can help your business to respond to the incident, such as by conducting an investigation, providing notification to affected customers, and implementing additional security measures.

Data protection insurance can also be important for protecting your business’s reputation. In the aftermath of a data breach, your customers and partners may have concerns about the security of their sensitive information. Data protection insurance can provide financial support for public relations efforts and other measures to protect your business’s reputation and rebuild trust with your customers.

Overall, data protection insurance is an important consideration for businesses that collect and store sensitive data. It can provide financial protection and support in the event of a data breach, and can help your business to respond to the incident and to protect your reputation. If your business collects and stores sensitive data, consider purchasing data protection insurance to protect your business. Learn more about our technology insurance FAQs.

Common Data Protection Insurance Questions

Can you insure against data breach?

A correctly constructed insurance policy can assist and give your business access to experts in Event management & System restoration, assistance with Breach Reporting, cover for legal representation and assistance in restoration following a system failure or outage. Find out more about our cyber insurance coverage.

Does cyber insurance cover GDPR?

Insurance cannot shield you from GDPR Regulations and liabilities in the event of a claim, under current Irish Law your insurer cannot pay any regulatory fine on your behalf but a correctly structured Data protection Insurance policy can be invaluable in assisting in the mitigation and management of a loss including the sizeable costs that can be associated with same.

Does professional indemnity cover data breach?

Standard Professional Indemnity Policies provide third party coverages only protecting your customer only, Data Protection / Cyber Cover is required to provide cover for costs and expenses incurred in house following a proven data breach.

Who is liable in a data breach?

The data owner faces liability for losses resulting from a data breach, even if the security failures are the fault of the data holder.

Can you insure against a regulatory fine?

In simple terms no – an insurance policy cannot pay a regulatory fine on your behalf under current Irish Legal Standing, as to do so would undermine the basis of the current regulator systems in this area. After all, fines are meant to be a deterrent, and if businesses are able to make an insurance claim to avoid paying up, this deterrent effect is lost.

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