Cover Details

Professional Indemnity

Professional indemnity insurance (errors and omissions insurance) protects your business if there’s ever a discrepancy between the services you provide and your client’s expectations or as a result of a negligent act or incorrect advice. With our unrivalled experience we can help you understand the specific risks you face as an IT business, and in turn we can customize your insurance to provide cover for this exposure




Public & Products Liability can arrange Public & Products Liability cover as part of our standard packaged policy. It protects you from third-party claims arising from bodily injury (slips and falls), personal injury (libel or slander), and damage to third Party Property as a result of your activities or products you supply along with covering any manual work away exposure you have as a result of your activities.

Products Liability Insurance provides cover for you if you become legally liable to a member of the public for bodily injury, death, diseases and/or damages, expenses & costs as a result of a defective product supplied by your company whether manufactured, altered or just sold by your company and which occurred during the period of insurance and is in connection with your business.




Employers Liability

Employers liability insurance protects your business against your legal liability for injury, illness, disease or death of any employee under a contract of service with your business.

While employers may try to enforce safety regulations wherever possible, you will still need the protection of employers liability insurance from the potential risk of an accident.

Where appropriate we can also provide Employers Liability Cover extended to include any work away from your premises.




Property Insurance

We provide packaged cover to include company property including ‘all risks cover’ on specialist I.T. Equipment – items used away from your premises. Plus stock cover, business interruption and money covers.




Business Interruption

It is now common for most companies to outsource at least part of their critical IT infrastructure to someone else to manage, be it one of the behemoths such as Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure, or a more specialised software-as-a-service provider.

An outage of these services could cripple a business, and they may have little control in expediting the restoration of the service, and little in the way of contractual remedies with the provider.

We are able to extend our policy for any loss of revenue or increased costs incurred as a result of the outages described, with tiers of cover to suit an individual customer’s needs.


Cyber Liability

Cyber Liability provides coverage for an organisation’s exposure to network risk which includes privacy liability, regulatory fines and business/network interruption. have access to a number of insurers who offer a comprehensive cyber crime extension to its cyber and data insurance policy, covering both cyber-dependent, cyber-enabled crime and social engineering derived losses.

Cyber dependent
These types of crime can only be carried out via a computer, examples include:

1) someone hacking into a system to steal funds or place fictitious orders for physical goods

2) keylogger malware used to capture online banking credentials with funds subsequently transferred

3) compromised telephone systems used to make calls to premium rate numbers.

Cyber enabled
These risks typically fall into the realm of social engineering and involve the reach of traditional crime being extended by the use of electronic means, examples include:

1) an email account of a director or supplier being cloned or hacked and used to send fraudulent payment instructions

2) a phishing email sent pretending to be from a business’s bank, prompting them to enter account details and passwords into a fake website.

What does the policy cover?
Along with the financial reimbursement for any funds or goods lost, our panel of insurers will also cover the costs of fully investigating how the loss occurred, and ensure that the issue is contained and any other necessary remedial steps are taken.