Claims Examples

Professional Indemnity Claims


1) Breach of Contract

  • A miscalculation of required man hours leads to a delay to the new system or website you were building. As a result the system or website is not delivered in line with the suggested UAT testing period. Your client hired additional staff to cover the additional workload and is now looking for you to compensate for their losses.
  • Your client claims that the proposed saving of 2 FTE has not been achieved following installation of your recommended CRM and back office platform. Your client is now looking for you to compensate them accordingly.
  • A technology company designed a customer management software package. It was alleged that the software failed to comply with the agreed functionality.

2) Professional Negligence

  • An overview document of your client’s new business venture is accidentally left on a train and falls into the hands of a competitor. The client claims they have suffered significant damages as the project has been compromised and future revenue impacted. As a result of which they are looking for financial compensation in excess of €250,000.
  • One of your team overlooks an application for an EA domain and the launch of your client’s new web portal is delayed by a number of days. The client had paid for an advertising campaign to coincide with the launch which is now deemed worthless.

3) Intellectual Property Infringement / Breach of Copyright

  • Web designer’s client sued by image owners for using unlicensed pictures on his website. The client is looking to claim for damages from the web designer.
  • A logo created for a client is deemed to infringe a competitor’s mark and your client has received a cease and desist letter. The mark holder is demanding compensation and your client is also looking for significant damages to cover a further rebranding exercise.

4) Loss Of Data / Documents

  • A new app provides medical records to doctors whilst out on the road. A hacker gains access and a number of records containing personal data are lost.
  • A password to a client’s new CRM system following a data transfer is accidentally emailed to the wrong person and a rival firm gains access to client information.
  • IT consultancy’s web hosting partner company hacked which resulted in the consultancy’s clients’ websites being offline for a day. Consultancy is seeking damages for loss of business and data by a client.

5) Defamation

  • An apprentice technician writes on their social media account that they “have had a terrible day installing a system for Company Z, and they are the worst widget makers in Ireland”. Company Z is tracking their mentions on social media and you receive a legal claim for defamation.
  • Company X is very concerned with the style used by your employee whilst managing their social media posts. They allege that this is completely out of harmony with their brand guidelines and they are looking for you to compensate them.


Public Liability Claims

  • An IT Consultant has a cup of coffee at his desk whilst on site of a client. The coffee spills and damages a piece of equipment. The IT consultant is held responsible for repairs to the equipment.
  • You are visiting the site of a client and have plugged in your laptop to keep it charged. A member of the public trips over the lead which causes injury. A public liability claim is taken against the you.


Cyber Liability Claims


1) Security Breach Notification and Remediation Expenses

A skilled cyber-criminal hacks into your company network and captures names, addresses, and credit card information for over 50,000 of your customers. Expenses will likely include the hiring of a breach response firm to find the cause of the breach, assisting with notice requirements and expenses, providing credit monitoring and a call centre for impacted individuals.

2) Crisis Management Service Expenses

Your Marketing Director has their laptop stolen. The laptop contains over 100,000 customer records, including personal contact information. Expenses will likely include hiring a public relations firm to restore customer confidence or mitigate negative publicity generated from the incident.

3) Extortion Expenses

Your computer system is hacked and ransomware is installed. The hackers demand payment of €10,000 in Bitcoins to release your systems.

4) Business Interruption

Your organisation’s server is infected by a severe virus, and as a result, your e-commerce website is not available for an extended period, during which time you are unable to trade.

5) Computer Programme or Electronic Data Restoration

A hacker installs a virus on your network which causes damage to the system and wipes all of the data on the servers. You need to restore all the data that you have lost.

6) Computer Fraud

An organised crime ring hacks into the accounts payable data in your computer system and alters the bank routing information on outgoing payments. This results in €500,000 being transferred to the crime ring’s account.

7) Funds Transfer Fraud

You receive an email that appears to be from your bank but is not. Your employee opens the email, which activates a computer virus called a Trojan horse that reads keystrokes. The perpetrator uses this means to obtain banking and password information and initiate a fraudulent electronic wire transfer from your bank account.

8) Telecommunications Theft

A criminal gang gains access to your long distance telephone systems, and makes multiple calls to a number chargeable at a premium rate, costing the company thousands of euros in call charges.

9) Damage to Computer Equipment

After a suspected cyber breach, your firms systems are not functioning as they should. Following an investigation by an IT professional, it appears there is damage to the computer equipment which has led to it running considerably slower than it should.

10) Rewards Expenses

Following a cyber breach, you receive a call from an unknown third party who offers you information which will give you the details of the persons who launched this attack, in exchange for a monetary reward. Travelers will reimburse you for the payment of this reward on the proviso that it leads to the arrest and conviction of the perpetrator.

11) Defamation

A client posts some feedback onto the chat room area of your website that explains why they choose to use your company over one of your major competitors. Their reasons include the statement that the competitor did not create a good working environment and that an employee, a personal friend of theirs, had been harassed by the directors in the course of their work. The post has been seen by the competitor who seeks damages.

12) Personal Rights

Your employee’s company laptop is stolen from his home. The laptop contains private financial information of your clients and is not encrypted. Your clients sue you for damages caused by your failure to protect their private financial information.

13) Computer Virus

Your employee inadvertently downloads a destructive computer virus that spreads to other files housed on your computer network. Your client downloads information from your website, allowing the virus to spread to the client’s computer system and resulting in widespread loss of data and a computer network shutdown. Your client sues you, contending you should have prevented transmission of the virus. The client seeks damages for the lost data and economic loss caused by the network shutdown.

14) Data Protection

Your server has been hacked and the personal information of your clients and past clients have been stolen. It has emerged that personal data of past clients was kept for longer than was necessary and was not appropriately secured and a claim is brought under the Data Protection Act.

15) Cyber Computer Misuse

An employee corrupts your client’s data that has been entrusted to you, which means your client incurs additional costs when trying to use this data. This results in a demand for compensation from your client.

16) Denial Of Access

Your system has been the target of a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack, which slows and ultimately crashes your system. You have failed to install the appropriate patches and computer updates. Many of your clients are reliant on your online services to trade effectively and are seeking damages for loss of income suffered as a result of being unable to access your network.

17) Cybermedia Intellectual Property Rights

You inadvertently include a picture taken by a third party on your website without permission and you are subsequently sued for breach of copyright.

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